Given the globally increasing demand for seafood, also aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms, is gaining importance. However, a successful aquaculture business comes with a lot of challenges. There are the breeding issues and technological difficulties, yet also the spatial planning of aquaculture facilities, and the management of waste and waste water.


eCOAST can help with solving technical breeding issues, especially when concerning the breeding success and the feed of larvae and adults.


The spatial planning of aquaculture has only recently seen some attention, after disastrous experiences in several developing countries. It is especially important to contain the impact an aquaculture facility has on the natural environment, through a careful selection of the location and construction methodology. On the longer term, negative impact evolves from the waste water of aquaculture, which often contains very high concentrations of nutrients and antibiotics. eCOAST can provide consultancy on the selection of aquaculture sites and on the management of the aquaculture waste water.